The pot is almost finished brewing!

We can’t hardly wait to share a cup o’joe with you.  We are working hard behind the scenes to make this site come to life – giving both you and us a great little coffee shop on the internet to hang out at.

If you have been here before you will notice a lot of changes are happening.  We are working to create the best little coffee site out there.  You see, the idea is to build a site about coffee for coffee lovers.  We want to create a little “Coffee  Shop” where you can hang out and talk about your favorite coffee, read comments about other coffee brands or flavors you may want to try; or maybe never heard of before.

We are open to your suggestions on how to make this the best site ever for coffee lovers, so drop us a line, or if you would like to get a note when we are ready to open the doors – just leave us a quick note on our Contact page.